NAT Master Course - Anatomy of Stretching

NAT Master Course - Anatomy of Stretching

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The Anatomy of Stretching Master Course covers stretching from every angle, including physiology and flexibility; the benefits of stretching; the different types of stretching; and the rules for safe stretching. Designed for manual therapists and exercise professionals, the course text (200 pages, fully illustrated) provides details of stretches that are useful for the alleviation or rehabilitation of specific musculoskeletal injuries.

The course includes a balance of theoretical information about the fundamentals of stretching and flexibility, anatomy and physiology, and the practical application of how to perform 135 unique stretching exercises (with simple to follow numbering system to help reference each stretch).

Includes: Anatomy of Stretching illustrated course text (Full Exam Edition) + Exam Pack + Certification.

Suitability: Manual Therapists and Exercise Professionals

NAT Learning Credits 5
NASM CEUs 0.3 
AFAA CEUs 3.0 


NASM CE Course 

AFAA CE Course


About the Authors

Brad Walker is a Health Science graduate of the University of New England and has postgraduate accreditation’s in athletics, swimming and triathlon coaching. And he prides himself on offering the most simple, easy-to-understand “how-to” information on stretching and flexibility.

As an athlete in 1990 Brad was ranked 3rd in Australia as a junior competitor at the National Triathlon Long Course Championships. Since 1995 Brad has been at the cutting edge of research and development into the field of stretching and flexibility.


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